Personal Training with a Personal Touch

Last July I was an overworked, overtired full time working mum, who desperately needed to kickstart her plans to get fit and shape up. As a 'reward' for finishing a huge project at work, I booked some days off and signed up to the gym - after a couple of visits I admitted to myself that I wasn't going to get anywhere fast on my own, and took down the number of a personal trainer. What a GREAT decision!

From the first meeting, Michelle has been an utter pleasure to spend time with. She took the time to fully understand my initial goals and started me on a programme specifically designed for my aims and steadily challenged me, a little more every week. Training with Michelle every week has truly transformed my body, fitness, overall energy levels and most importantly, how I feel about myself.

Every few weeks, when I see someone who I haven't seen for a while they comment on how fit I look, I have gone down a dress size and I am much less wobbly (but with curves in the right places!). I think nothing of running twice the distance I used to, in the same time as it took me to do one lap - and I don't stop to walk up the hill, ever!

This year has transformed how I feel, and the great news is - no dieting!!! Michelle does give lots of good advice regarding nutrition and some good healthy recipes too. My current goal is my summer holiday - the bikini blitz- and throughout the year Michelle has changed my programme to fit in with my aims. I initially signed up for a few weeks, but have continued as improvement continues.

I look forward to continuing to work with Michelle to achieve my fitness goals, look good and have a healthy, happy life!

J, Basingstoke.